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Mackintosh Law is a specialist law firm providing expert legal advice and representation to disabled clients in the niche areas of mental capacity and community care.

Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) is the Sole Principal of the firm. Nicola is nationally recognised as a leading lawyer advising and conducting complex casework for disabled clients. Together with her team the firm provides an exceptional specialist service to vulnerable clients.

Mackintosh Law has contracts with the Legal Aid Agency to carry out mental capacity cases in the Court of Protection, and community care and public law casework (judicial review) for clients entitled to legal aid. We also accept instructions from privately funded clients.

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30 October 2018 – Justice week

The legal profession’s main representative bodies join hands this week to place justice and the rule of law at the centre of public and political debate. “Justic week follows 12 months in which the parlous state of the justice system has emerged as a public scandal.”
For a list of key events please visit the Law Society Gazette website here

16 October 2018 – Photography exhibition: Justice in focus

Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) is featured in the exhibition to be held in the Law Society foyer from 29 October to 2 November 2018.

The exhibition shows the importance of access to the justice system for those with difficult legal issues. The exhibition also celebrates the tenacity and resilience of people in times of crisis and the lawyers and advisors who help them.

Read more about the exhibition here Justice in focus


1 October 2018 – ‘adverse impacts, false economies and a sense of disempowerment’

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have published their report on ‘The impact of LASPO on routes to justice‘.

The report shows how changes to legal aid have negatively affected people’s access to justice, the difficulties experienced in accessing formal advice from solicitors and how in all areas of law participants reported financial, social, emotional, physical and mental health impacts.

Read the full report here


27 July 2018 – Human Rights Select Committee report – ‘Enforcing human rights’ published

Nicola is quoted (page 13) explaining why the legal aid means test should mirror the test for means tested welfare benefits.

“In the welfare benefits system, when the state means tests people it ignores the value of their dwelling house, recognising that they have to live somewhere, but the legal aid system takes that into account and presupposes that they can raise money on the value of that property to pay privately for their legal advice. That is not realistic. It is not living in the real world.”
Read the full report here


20 July 2018 – Cuts to legal aid under the spotlight as MPs and peers find human rights cannot be properly enforced

Squeezing the legal aid budget has left vast numbers in Britain unable to assert their rights – including the most vulnerable people. Read the article here Law Society news

21 May 2018

We walked the London Legal walk again in support of the London Legal Support Trust. Thank you again for everyone that supported us.


18 April 2018 – MoJ unable to commit to releasing LASPO report this year
The government’s long-awaited report on its controversial legal aid reforms may not be published this year.Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) is quoted as highlighting to the MoJ the importance of a proper review of LASPOA. A link to the article can be found below.

Law Gazette

10 April 2018 – Human Rights: attitudes to enforcement
Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) gave evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights. A link to the actual evidence transcript can be found below.

Attitudes to enforcement


21 March 2018 – LAPG Certificate of Practice Management
Congratulations to Laura Dawson who successfully completed the LAPG course and has been awarded a certificate of practice management


14 March 2018 – Social mobility in a time of austerity
This week Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) will publish its third report on social mobility in the legal aid sector.

LASPO has profoundly affected social mobility in the sector and Legal aid law firms and other organisations are struggling to survive. The report sets out a series of recommendations to address some of the issues and can be read here:

YLAL – Social mobility report


26 February 2018 – ‘Legal advice gateway to nowhere’

Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) has been referenced in the Law Gazette article ‘Legal advice gateway to nowhere’ which discusses the possible reasons behind the MOJ’s decision to cancel a procurement process to provide certain services through its legal advice telephone helpline.

Solicitor Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) told the Bach Commission that in the disability sphere, every client she represents (usually via the Official Solicitor as their litigation friend) has different levels of need and ability to communicate. She said: ‘What is absolutely crucial in mental capacity law is that the odd nuances in a person’s presentation are picked up by the legal advisers. This is why, while a telephone advice system will work very well as one of the tools for different areas of law or initial advice, it does not work for this particular client group where face-to-face advice is needed, because it’s also us assessing the client.’ There is a link to the full article below.

Law Gazette – News focus


29 November 2017 – Legal Aid debate in the House of Commons: Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) recognised
“I pay tribute not only to Members of the House who have taken an interest in the subject, but to the practitioners out there in the country. My law centre is watched over by Sue James, who was legal aid lawyer of the year after 25 years of practice and setting up other law centres in London. It is the dedication of people such as her, Carol Storer of the Legal Aid Practitioners Group and Nicola Mackintosh that has in effect, despite the Government’s best efforts, kept the legal aid system going in this country over this period. However, it is absolutely at breaking point.”
For further


17 October 2017 – Mental Capacity (Welfare) Accreditation
We are delighted to announce that Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon), Laura Dawson and Melissa Law have today been confirmed as Accredited Legal Representatives within the Law Society’s Mental Capacity (Welfare) Accreditation scheme.


13 October 2017 – The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2017 rankings are released

Mackintosh Law is a ‘recommended’ firm in the Court of Protection.

Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) is listed in the elite “Leading lawyers” list, the Legal 500 United Kingdom 2017’s guide to outstanding lawyers nationwide.


9.10.2017 – Manifesto for Legal Aid – 2nd edition published

We live in extraordinary times, where the justice system is broken and the rule of law is at real risk. The new edition of the Legal Aid Practitioners Group’s Manifesto for Legal Aid provides pragmatic and clear ideas about how to reform the system to enable those most in need to access justice in a way which is sustainable, efficient, cost effective and fair.

A copy of the Manifesto which was launched at the LAPG conference on Friday 6 October can be downloaded here:

23 May 2017 – We walked the walk
We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who supported the Macklaw team and helped us to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust @macklawlondon #TheLondonLegalWalk


12 April 2017 – Mackintosh Law expands its team
We are delighted to announce that Melissa Law has joined our specialist mental capacity and community care team at Mackintosh Law.

Melissa joins Laura Dawson, assistant solicitor, who has developed a superb reputation for her expertise in Court of Protection work, and Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) who heads the team at the firm.

12 April 2017 – The London Legal Walk 2017
We are walking the London Legal walk on 22 May 2017 to raise funding for The London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity that provides free legal services in London & the South East. Read about the work they do here: London Legal support trust – about us

If you are able to sponsor us please use the link below:

5 April 2017Being disabled in Britain: a journey less equal.
The Equality and Human Rights Commission have published their report providing a review into disability inequality in Great Britain. Read the full report here: A journey less equal

16 February 2017 – S.O.S – Save Our Social care system
A new report from Age UK released today has concluded that we are living on borrowed time to save the social care system for older people. See the complete report here: Age UK – borrowed time

16 February 2017 – Accredited Legal Representatives (ALRs)

The Law Society’s new scheme for accrediting legal representatives in welfare cases in the Court of Protection has now been given approval and will be launched shortly.

ALRs will be directly appointed by the Court to meet with the person who is the subject of the proceedings in the Court of Protection about their welfare, investigate and read relevant records and advise before then reporting to the Court. We see this as an important step in ensuring that vulnerable people are advised and represented by practitioners who meet high standards of expertise and who have a proven track record, and that people whose cases are before the Court about their welfare have access to quality advice.

14 November 2016 – New Guidance – Participation of vulnerable persons in proceedings in the Court of Protection – Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) has taken the lead in formulating guidance as to how best to facilitate participation of vulnerable people in the Court of Protection. The guidance is invaluable for practitioners and all those working in the Court to ensure that P’s voice is heard and is at the centre of the process.

Participation of P

12 October 2016 – Amnesty Legal Aid Report
Amnesty Legal aid report

5 October 2016 – Mental Health Act v Mental Capacity Act
Is P ineligible to be detained under the deprivation of liberty safeguards?

30 September 2016 – A new era in the Court of Protection

A County Council v (1) AB (2) JB (3) SB [2016] EWCOP 4 – Placing P at the centre of the process.
Guest Post: Facilitating participation of ‘P’ in Court of Protection proceedings