Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) – Founder and Director

Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) is one of the Directors of Mackintosh Law, having founded the firm in 2011 and having run a legal practice since 1999.  Nicola is the firm’s Compliance Officer for Legal Practice.


Nicola brought the landmark ‘Coughlan’ case regarding entitlement to NHS funded continuing health care, as well as many other leading test cases for mentally ill and disabled people and their rights to community care and health services. 


Nicola is Co-Chair of the Legal Aid Practitioners Group and a longstanding member of the Law Society’s Mental Health and Disability Committee. She has also been a member of the Law Society Council. She is an accredited member of the Law Society’s Mental Capacity (Welfare) Accreditation scheme.  She is a member of the ad hoc Court of Protection Rules Committee and the Court of Protection ‘Hive’ group.


She campaigns actively for access to justice issues, particularly for people with disabilities and those unable to represent themselves. She has co-authored the Manifesto for Legal Aid launched at the House of Lords and is profoundly committed to the right to justice for all. 


In 2014 Nicola was appointed by the then Lord Chancellor as Honorary QC, recognising her extraordinary contribution to the law and its development outside usual legal practice in the Courts.  She is also an Honorary Bencher of Middle Temple Inn.


Nicola is regularly instructed by the Official Solicitor in the Court of Protection and has been involved in many of the test cases in the specialist and niche field of mental capacity, serving mentally ill and disabled people and championing their rights to community care services.  


Nicola also took the leading case on facilitating the participation of vulnerable people in Court of Protection proceedings.  Her experience and recommendations led to formal guidance being issued by the then President of the Court, Mr Justice Charles to ensure that P’s voice is heard and is always at the centre of the process. As the Guardian has reported, for Nicola, the client is the centre of everything she does.

Zena Soormally Bolwig - Director

Zena joined Mackintosh Law as an employed Director in June 2020. She was previously Partner and Head of the Court of Protection Welfare team at another leading practice. She has a national reputation for providing an excellent service to her vulnerable clients.


Zena specialises in Court of Protection cases, and community care cases involving clients who lack capacity. She conducts complex cases with Human Rights, CNRPD and Equality Act issues and her cases frequently involve novel and complex cross jurisdictional points including cross border disputes, serious medical treatment, and capacity to consent to sexual relations and contact. She also undertakes hybrid health and welfare and property and affairs cases. She has an interest in the overlap between Court of Protection and housing cases due to her previous work as a housing caseworker and solicitor for a London Law Centre.  


The large majority of Zena’s cases have resulted in vulnerable clients returning to their homes, or to less restrictive care settings, or in regaining contact with loved ones, in line with their wishes. She has also successfully brought high value damages claims arising out of her Court of Protection cases.  


Having previously trained as a barrister, she is praised for her advocacy by opponents and the judiciary as well as her clients. Where she instructs a barrister, she plays an active role in directing the case strategy. Zena works tirelessly to try to resolve disputes without the need for contested hearings wherever that is in the client’s interests. She is known for her dogged determination to get to the truth from documents and evidence and for her attention to detail.


Zena is accredited by the Law Society’s Mental Capacity (Welfare Scheme) and has provided national training to applicants to the scheme. She also provides training to a range of other organisations on mental capacity and related areas, including to the Legal Aid Practitioners Group, and recently presented jointly with Nicola to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Legal Aid in relation to mental capacity cases.   


Zena is instructed by lay clients, advocates and the Official Solicitor. She also receives numerous referrals from leading solicitors at other firms and from clients who have been specifically directed to her by advocates across the country.  


Zena is a member of the executive committee board of the Court of Protection Practitioners Association (COPPA) which seeks to improve practice and operation of mental capacity law, as well as being a longstanding member of the National Mental Capacity Forum. In all her roles she shows her trademark energy and commitment to vulnerable clients.

Mark Slade – Costs and Office manager

Mark started his career at a costs drafting firm in1993, drawing bills of costs across all types of law, funded both privately and by legal aid, and attending detailed assessment appointments as required. He moved in-house to a large legal aid firm and became head of the costs department managing a small team, before then heading a finance team and training staff. 


Mark joined Mackintosh Law in 2010 and has been the Costs and Office manager since that time. He draws bills, undertakes regulatory financial controls and advises on all aspects of costs and office management. He is the firm’s Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration and works with Nicola and Zena closely as part of the management team.

Georgina Byrne – Solicitor

Georgina joined Mackintosh Law as a paralegal in October 2015, before commencing her training contract in 2018 and qualifying in October 2020. Through her studies, Georgina developed a particular interest in medical law and went on to study a Masters degree in Human Rights law with a focus on vulnerable women’s access to healthcare.


Georgina specialises in Court of Protection health and welfare applications, and also has experience in dealing with property and affairs applications. She undertakes the full range of mental capacity and community cases. Her expertise over the years she has been with the firm is illustrated by the fact that she conducts more complex cases, developing an excellent rapport with her clients and ensuring that they have the best possible advice and representation. She is regularly instructed by the Official Solicitor and has a reputation for her creativity, enthusiasm and knowledgeable approach to cases across the mental capacity spectrum.

Shiva Krishnan –  Solicitor

Shiva joined Mackintosh Law as a paralegal in November 2016, before commencing his training contract with the firm in April 2019, and then qualifying in April 2021. Shiva took a Masters in Professional Legal Practice at the University of Law with a particular interest in medical ethics, which led him to mental capacity law.


Shiva specialises in the breadth of Court of Protection health and welfare applications, and also has experience in dealing with property and affairs applications including statutory wills. Shiva particularly excels in his representation of young people who lack capacity and where family members are also parties to the proceedings. He works tirelessly on his cases to think of novel ways to resolve disputes without protracted court proceedings, including through the use of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution. 

Kris Jackson – Solicitor

Kris joined Mackintosh Law as a paralegal in September 2015 from Brixton Law Centre, before commencing his training contract with the firm in August 2019 and qualifying in April 2021. Kris studied law at Trinity College, Dublin before taking a Masters in Criminal Justice, Family and Social Welfare at UCL.


Kris specialises in the full range of Court of Protection health and welfare applications, including those involving deprivation of liberty and medical treatment and he also has experience in dealing with complex high end property and affairs applications. He has a reputation for his strong commitment to his clients and attention to detail, driving cases forward with enthusiasm whilst always putting the client first. He is regularly instructed by the Official Solicitor and conducts complex cases on a range of issues affecting clients including contact, residence, and deprivation of liberty disputes and challenges.

Annette Jones – Legal administrative assistant

Annette started her working career for a large Bank in the City when she left school going on to work in a large City law firm for many years.  Annette took a break to take on the full-time role of looking after her children whilst also volunteering in a local school. Annette joined Mackintosh Law in March 2019 where she is a legal administration assistant. She takes a keen interest in the casework of the firm and providing a quality service to clients, supporting the whole team.

emilia barter – Paralegal

Emilia joined Mackintosh Law as a Paralegal in October 2021.

Holly Mason – Paralegal

Holly joined Mackintosh Law as a Paralegal in October 2021.

Gordon Gapper – Premises manager

Gordon has been involved in Mackintosh Law from its inception, having a proven track record in business and premises management. He supports the team at Mackintosh Law by doing all things practical and useful necessary. Gordon is an expert in problem resolution.