Updated: Mar 29

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Updated: Jan 24

‘A specialist Court of Protection firm, best known for representing defendants lacking capacity. Particularly renowned for supporting individuals with mental health illnesses such as dementia.

One interviewee says: "Mackintosh Law is driven by justice for vulnerable clients."

Nicola Mackintosh has a stellar reputation for handling complex health and welfare proceedings for disabled clients who lack capacity and those with mental illnesses. "Nicola Mackintosh is outstanding. She went above and beyond in terms of engaging with clients." "She is very quick to pick up on key issues."

Zena Soormally advises on deprivation of liberty and mental capacity matters. Her practice includes issues surrounding capacity to consent to sexual relations and marriage as well as treatment, care and residence decisions. "Zena Soormally is an excellent solicitor, is very committed to her clients and gives 100% to every stage of a case.” "She is incredibly diligent with outstanding attention to detail."

Updated: Jan 24

‘The stark reality is that there are so few legal aid practitioners left,

that what is needed is a root and branch stripping out of unnecessary

admin which serves no benefit to the taxpayer and only detracts from

the time which is spent on advising clients in need. The pandemic

has shown us all how things can be done differently, and this is the

opportunity which should be grasped so that we can all focus on the

real task in hand.’

Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon)